Comments to Nissan LEAF Advisory Board

Following are a few of my thoughts about driving better electrically in an all-electric car:

1. What you’ve learnt about your car in 2019?
First, we have a 2012 LEAF SL that we purchased in 2013. After personally driving this LEAF for 2 years, I realized that it just didn’t have the range that I required to drive comfortably to Canadian cities, like Montreal and Quebec city, and most importantly, our annual drive to Florida. So, I relegated this beautiful burgundy LEAF to my wife for her local drives around town and to visit the Grandchildren.

 She loves it, mostly. Being the first affordable EV on the market, it lacked range and heat. So, from time to time, she’ll come in and complain about the range. But, only because it goes quickly down to 50 Km. She has never gotten close to 22 km and we typically only charge it to 80% to make sure that we prolong the life of the battery. Her other comment is that occasionally the outside temperature goes below freezing and the car does not keep her warm, even though she has a heated seat and heated steering wheel.

Again, we don’t drive it December to March, so this is really not a serious concern … at least not for more than one or two days per year.

 2. What were your highlights and what were your lowlights?

It immediately became our main car even though we kept a Prius as our “Main” car and expected that our LEAF would be our “second” car. However, the Prius stayed in the driveway while we used the LEAF almost exclusively. Our annual drives to Florida were the main exception.

 3. Finally, we’d like you to list the top 3 priority areas that Nissan need to focus on when working on the next generations of LEAF?

Absolutely, you must amalgamate somehow with Tesla’s amazing and virtually global SuperCharger network of well-spaced, really Fast SuperChargers along all of the major routes and cities. This one major move on Nissan’s part will put you right next to Tesla at the top of the EV pyramid. You will never look back.

 If you could then add over-the-Air S/W updates, you’ll be the king of EV’s. Toyota will die a slow death, along with all of your competitor’s who refuse to learn and keep up. This will not be easy … but it will be worth the effort. Guaranteed!

 ~ Erik

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