Silent Driving in a LEAF

It’s very difficult for me to understand how the masses continue to drive these dinosaur gas guzzling cars that stink, are noisy, pollute their children’s air and are so terribly expensive to keep in gas and to maintain. In fact, there really are no redeeming factors for a gas guzzling car except that that is what we have been driving for the past 100 years.

However, today we have alternatives:

  • We have Hybrids.
  • We have Plug-in Hybrids.
  • We have Range Extended Electric Cars.
  • And we have Full Electric Cars.

As a general rule, the Hybrids will save you about 50% of your gas bill.  So, if you’re spending some $500 a month on gas in a dinosaur gas guzzler, a typical Hybrid will only cost you some $250 a month and your brakes should last you about the life of the car rather than only some 50,000 Km.

But, if you really want to save that $500 a month gas bill, drive an Electric Car like the Nissan LEAF or the Mitsubishi iMiEV or go the whole 9-yards and drive the best car on the planet, the Tesla Model “S”.  Generally, these cars will cost you about one-tenth the cost of your gas guzzler, or $50 a month with my example. In addition to the saving of some $450 a month, you will

  • NEVER change the oil;
  • NEVER replace spark plugs;
  • NEVER replace the expensive catalytic converter;
  • NEVER replace the exhaust system;
  • NEVER stand outside in the cold pumping smelly gas;

In fact, generally, your maintenance of an Electric Car is limited to tires, windshield wipers and windshield washer. Oh, and plugging your car in very night when you get home. This latter task takes you some 11 seconds. Then you’ll unplug it in the morning for another 11 seconds. And, you’ll relish in the thought that you are driving with clean, renewable over-night Niagara Falls electrons (in Ontario, Canada). However, even if you’re using Carbon generated electrons, they are actually cleaner than your old gas guzzler. And, before long, we will replace these dirty carbon electric generating stations with cleaner alternatives.

Then you will silently drive away in complete silence with so much torque that your neighbors will find it difficult to comprehend how you could so quickly disappear without a sound (other than a bit of tire-on-asphalt sound).

It is difficult for me to emphasize enough how silent and powerful the new Electric Cars of today are. You really have to experience a torque enthused drive yourself to comprehend the silent power. It is something that has no equivalent. It’s something truly new and has to be experienced to be believed. Once you try one, you will not be able to walk away without taking it home with you.

Love that Electric feeling. (The Tesla drivers call it the “Tesla smile”).

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