100-Mile Club

It took me only 3 weeks to brave the 100-Mile Club, but I did it over this weekend in 3 days of not plugging in my Electric LEAF overnight.  This morning, I headed out with 19 miles of range left and 83 miles into my 100-mile objective. So, my objective appeared to be within sight.  I did a couple of errands and then with 8 miles of range left and 8 miles from home, and having reached my objective of 102 miles,  I headed home. I arrived home with 4 miles of range left, so I started driving around our neighborhood until suddenly the 4 miles went to Zero and the display showed <- – ->.  I was about 1 mile from home.

The car did NOT disintegrate. The LEAF did NOT stop.  It did what I was quite confident that it would do. It kept going quite nicely.

I turned around and headed home again. I gave the accelerator a couple of bursts just to see how much torque I could muster.  It seemed like a bit less than normal but still totally adequate for driving in traffic. I still went around another block until I finally drove into our driveway with a total of 114 miles, zero range and between 1 and 2 miles of driving on “empty”.

I’ll have to go and get a coulomb of electrons in a can so that I’ll feel better about driving until I can’t drive any further and really see what “buffer” we have after hitting zero range. Hey, I’m an electrical engineer … I’m curious … R & D is my middle name!

So, now what happens? Fireworks? A gold key to the 100-Mile Clubhouse?

~ Erik

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